The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

Have you been searching for the best SEO plugin for WordPress, but yet to find a plugin that can effectively increase your search engine rankings?

You are NOT Alone..

SEOPressor is the most popular plugin for this purpose, however Easy WP SEO, Scribe SEO and Push Button SEO are new feature-rich plugins that have recently surfaced amongst the top SEO plugins for ranking (Not to be confused with Basic Foundation (Free) and Keyword SEO plugins — Read “Types of SEO Plugins“)

Here we compare the 4 best plugins for WordPress SEO that provide automation, on-page analysis and optimization.


Table of Contents

SEOPressor vs Easy WP SEO vs Scribe SEO vs Push Button SEO

SEO Pressor
Scribe SEO
Push Button SEO
On-page factors analyzed1223127 + Additional Content
Keyword density
Keyword in heading tags
Keyword decoration
Keyword in image ALT tags
Keyword near beginning of post*
Keyword near end of post*
Adequate content length
Keyword in URL
Keyword in meta tags
Keyword in title tag
Visual SEO Checklist
Automatic image ALT tag keyword insertion
Automatic “nofollow” of external links
Automatic keyword decoration
Decoration method (admin or client side)clientuser
Automatic insertion of keyword in post title
Keyword Research
Backlink Building Tools
Suggests Alternate Keywords
Link Analysis
Preview Posts in Google SERP's
Export HTML of Posts
Keyword density adjusted for word length of key phrases
Analysis of entire HTML document
Analysis of multiple keywords
LSI keywords function
Readability analysis
Drag and drop internal links into post content
Drag and drop images from media library
Video tutorials and help
User-selectable SEO factors
Copyscape integration
Analyzes content other than posts/pages (home/archives)
Membership plugin support
Import/export plugin settings
Detailed SEO reports
Price (multi-site license)$97$37$17 per mo.(Starter)$67
read SEO Pressor review
read Easy WP SEO review
read Easy WP SEO review
read Push Button SEO review
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Types of SEO Plugins

Type of SEO Plugin
of Top Plugins
Free SEO PluginsTo lay the basic SEO foundation for your blog/website. Will not guarantee rankings if used alone. Best if used in conjunction with a premium SEO Ranking Plugin.All-In-One SEO, Platinum SEO Pack, Headspace, Wordpress SEO by Yoast, SEO Ultimate
SEO Ranking PluginsTo help your blog/website attain the highest ranking(s) possible by evaluating content and automating SEO tasks.SEO Pressor, Easy WP SEO, Scribe SEO Push Button SEO
Keyword SEO PluginsTo focus on the keyword research aspect of SEO only (does not guarantee high rankings). Best if used in conjunction with a premium SEO Ranking Plugin.Keyword Winner

SEOPressor Review

SEOPressor is a popular SEO plugin developed by Daniel Tan - SEO expert that successfully automates many on-page SEO optimization tasks that either most of us don’t like doing or are not comfortable performing ourselves.  The plugin rates your content with an SEO score for each page/post of your WordPress site. It was released mid-2010 and runs on an algorithm similar to Google’s that is currently Google Panda friendly.

featuresWhat it Does

SEOPressor performs the following tasks:

  • Automatically optimize your titles, image ALT tags, H1, H2, H3, Tags (The 4 most influential on-page ranking factors)
  • Automatically bold, underline and italicize your primary keywords
  • Analyzes content length, keyword density and keyword placement
  • Improve your pages/posts SEO score by showing which onpage factors need more optimization
  • Bring increased targeted traffic to your WordPress blog and boost sign-ups, earnings, and sales
  • Supports autoblogging with mass optimization features

featuresHow it Works

The heart of SEOPressor is the SEOPressor Scoreboard that rates each page from 0%100% optimized for your target keyword. So in this example below I want to rank for the keyword “seopressor”

BEFORE Optimization With SEOPressor

WordPress SEO Graphic

As you can see my page isn’t optimized very well for that keyword (above).

As you add or change content, the scoreboard will reflect the new optimization score (below).

AFTER Optimization With SEOPressor

Best SEO Plugin Image2

Now my page is optimized pretty well for the keyword “seopressor” based on the changes I made in addition to the automated SEO changes the plugin does for me. Pretty cool eh? The plugin gives you a nice visual of how well every post is optimized for the keyword you indicate and you’ll notice a tremendous difference in not just your homepage, but how your internal pages rank.

SEOPressor was designed to:

  • Ensure you have the highest possible SEO score when you publish a post
  • Guide you step-by-step on optimizing your post while you are writing it
  • Make checking the optimizing of any specific keyword within a post or article a breeze with it’s unique scoring system

Who SEOPressor is For

The following 5 types of online marketers will find SEOPressor the most useful:

1. People who have niche blogs that they are monetizing. SEOPressor can boost the rankings of these niche blogs, even overcoming a sea of competition, and thus increase the traffic prospects of the blogs.
2. People who outsource their blogging and content needs. It becomes difficult to keep tabs on how the blog does if you are outsourcing content. But SEOPressor has an analytic tool of itself which can instantly tell you how your website is performing. So, you can be in the know about your blog prospects immediately. Also, it gives you suggestions on what you can do to improve any deficiencies.
3. People who are flipping websites. These are people who build websites, make them popular and then sell them for a profit. If you are into this, SEOPressor will tell you exactly how your website is faring and which is a good time to flip your website.
4. People who act as SEO consultants to others. Imagine being in the know, in an instant, about how a particular blog is faring. It can make all the difference to your credibility in the eyes of your clients.
5. People who do SEO for a hobby. Yes, there are these people as well!

what we like

What We Like


  • Visual Scoreboard and content rating system
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Recalculation of SEO Scores on the fly when content changes
  • Support of autoblogging and mass optimization features

What we dont like

What We Don’t Like


  • Doesn’t evaluate Meta description, Meta keyword tags, and Post Title
  • Only analyzes the whole HTML document (sidebar, header and footer content), only the post/page content
  • Doesn’t perform keyword decoration on the admin-side which may hamper site performance
  • Has a hefty price tag

This means..

In WordPress, the H1 title tag is coded into most templates to be the title of the post. So when you are optimizing a post for the keyword H1 tag, SEOPressor does not see it or use it in it’s rating. This can mean a slightly inaccurate evaluation.

The targeted keyword may appear in the sidebar, header or footer which impacts keyword density. Since SEOPressor only sees the post content in the WordPress admin edit box, it cannot accurately evaluate your entire page as the search engines see it.

The price for the multi-site license is more than twice of any other top SEO plugin out there, which in this economy may turn many people away.

The Bottom Line

With things such as keyword analysis and optimization, tags, calculating SEO scores, testing and rating posts, image analysis and other features, SEOPressor keeps constant tabs on the website and checks how it’s doing. Also, it provides suggestions on how certain tweaks can be made on the website so that its prospects can be further improved. All these things help in building traffic to the website, which is what every webmaster is eventually looking for. SEOPressor works well to produce good results.

The NEW version of SEOPressor 4.0 is compatible with the latest version of All-In-One SEO Pack and Platinum SEO. Even with it’s shortcomings, SEOPressor is very effective in increasing targeted traffic and is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2011.

WordPress SEO by Yoast download

SEOPressor Pricing Options:

  • $47 Only (one-time) – Single Site License – 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $97 Only (one-time) – Multi-Site License – Unlimited Domains – 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

» Buy SEOPressor (Pricing Options)

Easy WP SEO Review

Easy WP SEO is a newer SEO plugin developed by Chris Landrum that we discovered on the Warrior Forum which instantly blew us away with all the features and options it offered.  It analyzes and automates more tasks than any other SEO plugin available and does so in a manner that is effective and easy on your WordPress blogs’ resources.

featuresWhat it Does

Easy WP SEO performs the following tasks:

  • Analyzes 23 on-page SEO factors
  • Instantly display the SEO score, keyword density, and suggestions for each keyword
  • Automatically performs SEO tasks on primary and secondary keywords
  • Automatically adds your keyword to the image ALT tag attribute
  • Analyzes keywords in the URL, Meta Tags, and Title Tags (very important!)
  • Analyzes readability, content length, keyword density, keyword position,  post length, and runs Copyscape checks.
  • Adds the No Follow attribute to external links while allowing exceptions
  • Adds semantically related keyword into post content (LSI keywords)
  • Effects an immediate impact on targeted traffic

featuresHow it Works

Easy WP SEO has a simplified Visual Scoreboard that rates each page from 0%100% optimized for your primary and an unlimited amount of secondary keywords.

Easy WP SEO Review graphic

By pushing a button your entire HTML page (not just post content) is rated against 23 on-page SEO factors (above).

If your SEO score is too low, it also provides you with a detailed list of suggested SEO “tweaks” to rank the post higher in the search engines (below).

Easy WP SEO review image

Using the tabs at the bottom of the widget you can check the evaluation of the Title, URL, Meta content, Header and Page content. The plugin has an impressive list of features and analysis like no other plugin available.

Easy WP SEO’s Analysis:

Easy WP SEO analyzes a long list of SEO factors that directly influence page content as follows:

  1. Keyword In Title
  2. Title Starts With keyword
  3. Title Contains At Least 3 Words
  4. Title Length doesn’t exceed 66 characters
  5. Permalink Contains Your Keyword
  6. Meta Description Contains Your Keyword
  7. Meta Description Contains up to 160 Characters
  8. Descriptions starts with your keyword
  9. Meta Keywords contain your keyword
  10. H1 Tag Contains the main Keyword
  11. H1 Tag Starts With Your Keyword
  12. H2 Tag Contains the target Keyword
  13. H3 Tag Contains the target Keyword
  14. Your Post Content contains more than 300 words
  15. Content has a Keyword Density of 2 – 5,5% (Can be set in the options)
  16. First 100 Words contain the Keyword
  17. Last 100 Words contain your keyword
  18. At least one Image with keyword in the alt tag
  19. Content contains at least one bolded keyword
  20. Content contains at least one italic keyword
  21. Content contains at least one underlined keyword
  22. At least one external Anchor text link  containing the keyword
  23. At least one internal Anchor text link  containing the keyword
  24. Easy Readability Check (Read below for more details)
  25. LSI Keyword Suggestions (Read below for more details)
  26. Imports Keywords From SEOPressor and a few other similar plugins.

This is all checked as you write your content in your admin panel Post edit box.

All of the important SEO tasks are pretty much automated leaving only the pasting and tweaking of your content to you.

what we like

What We Like

Easy WP SEO’s

  • Visual Scoreboard and rating system for primary and unlimited secondary keywords
  • Analysis of keyword in URL, evaluation of Meta description, Meta keyword tags and Post Title
  • Analysis of the entire HTML document, not just the post content
  • Readability check, Keyword placement check and Copyscape check
  • Client-side/Server-side font decoration option
  • LSI keyword option to add semantically related keywords to your posts
  • Ability to import keywords from SEOPressor and other plugins
  • Ability to add No Follow to external links
  • Video help and tutorials embedded in the WordPress admin panel.
  • Drag and drop images from the WordPress Media Library into content.
  • Excellent customer support
  • High value and ridiculously low price tag for such a feature-rich plugin

This means..

1. The things that we really like about Easy WP SEO are those which SEOPressor lacks. Analysis of the title tag, keyword in URL, Meta description, Meta keyword tags and Post Title are so important that we just can’t understand how this was left out in SEOPressor.

2. One thing about SEOPressor is that it performs it’s work each time a visitor loads the page or post (client side). Easy WP SEO allows server side processing of its work to be stored in the database so that the load on WordPress is much lighter.

3. The ability to evaluate pages for multiple keywords is nice, and the LSI keyword option (Latent Semantic Indexing) to add semantically related keywords in 25 different languages from 41 regions around the world is a huge advantage. LSI keyword strength is one of the strongest indicators of a page’s ability to outrank and hold position against competing pages.Think of all the additional traffic this generates to your blog.

4. The targeted keyword may appear in the sidebar, header or footer which impacts keyword density. Since SEOPressor only sees the post content in the WordPress admin edit box, it cannot accurately evaluate your entire page as the search engines see it. Easy WP SEO does.

What we dont like

What We Don’t Like

Easy WP SEO..

There isn’t much we can say that we don’t like about this plugin. It is without a doubt one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress that you can buy at any price. The price tag sort of makes it a no-brainer.

The Bottom Line

Easy WP SEO effectively evaluates your WordPress site pages to an accuracy unmatched by just about any other plugin, while automating the lion’s share of the SEO task load. It’s simple, intuitive, and has an extensive list of features that gives it the power and flexibility to surpass any other plugin of it’s kind. Anyone from a novice to an advanced SEO can easily apply this plugin to a WordPress site and effect immediate changes in targeted traffic. *Note: It is only being sold at $37 while on the Warrior Forum and will be later closed and sold independently at higher price.

We wholeheartedly recommend  Easy WP SEO as a mainstay in your WordPress SEO arsenal.

WordPress SEO by Yoast download

Easy WP SEO Pricing Options:

  • $37 Only (one-time) -  Free Upgrade to Multi-Site License – Unlimited Domains – 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

» Buy Easy WP SEO (Demo Video/Sales Page + Bonuses)

Scribe SEO Review

Scribe SEO is a new and unique SEO plugin developed by Brian Clark of Copyblogger Media that focuses on the three most crucial aspects of SEO:

1. Keyword Research

2. Content

3. Link Building

Scribe SEO was originally designed for the Thesis, Headway and Hybrid themes without All in One SEO Pack installed, but if you have All in One SEO,  Platinum SEO Pack, Headspace 2, SEO Ultimate, wpSEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast installed you can use it on any other theme.

Let’s see what makes this plugin so different from the rest.

featuresWhat it Does

Scribe SEO performs the following tasks:

  • Performs Keyword Research to find profitable keywords for each post
  • Evaluates the SEO Score of each post based on Post Title, Content and Keywords
  • Analyzes your keywords and their SEO importance
  • Suggest changes to tweak and raise your page’s SEO relevance
  • Suggests alternate keywords
  • Suggest tags for your posts
  • Shows you what your listing will look like in Google’s SERP’s
  • Assists with link building to your blog
  • Gives SEO tips

featuresHow it Works

Scribe SEO is more accurately described as a service that performs keyword research, content analysis in relation to SEO, and backlink building that comes in the form of a plugin. It’s like having a keyword researcher, an SEO backlink expert, and a professional editor on your desktop with an article writing formula to improve your posts all in one.

Scribe Keyword Research

Scribe SEO’s functionality begins with the ability to perform keyword research for “good keywords”…


You simply type in a root keyword and click “Get Keyword Ideas” to get the following (below)


After my content is in place, I can proceed to analyze it

Scribe Content Optimizer

Now I will proceed to analyze my may first want to make sure you have your primary keywords in place (below)


Once the primary keywords are in place, Scribe SEO’s first tab displays the SEO Score of the content, which is an overview and analysis of the on-page SEO elements


As you can see at 55% this page isn’t optimized very well so Scribe SEO will suggest changes (above).

After you make those changes you can re-analyze the content to see the improvement (below).


Now the page is optimized 100%  based on the suggested changes made . You also have the option to Change Keywords, get suggestions for Alternate Keywords, get Tag suggestions, preview the post in the SERP’s and get expert SEO Tips.

Scribe Link Building

To explore link building you simply need to click the “Research” button to analyze and locate links that may be beneficial to your site.


These types of links include:

External links: Analysis of outgoing links from your site that should contain the rel=nofollow attribute

Internal links: Locates incoming links to your site based on anchor text,

Social Medial links: Links from sites such as Twitter who are tweeting about topics related to your primary keywords to locate users you can benefit being connected with.

Scribe Content Analysis Report


When you are done performing all of these steps you can generate a report with all of the keyword research, SEO Score Details, link suggestions and HTML code for online publishing.

Scribe SEO was designed to:

  • Research highly profitable keywords for your blog post and article content
  • Ensure you have the highest quality search engine friendly post/article content possible
  • Help you build high quality backlinks

Who Scribe SEO is For

Scribe SEO is perfect for

1. Web writers who place heavy emphasis on high quality reader-focused content and it’s SEO relevancy.
2. Serious bloggers who publish a large amount of content weekly and want their articles, press releases, pages, and posts to all rank high in the search engines.
3. Affiliate marketers who are focusing more on high quality content after the Google Panda update that will rank high.
4. Those who wish to combine a Keyword Research Tool and a premium SEO plugin into one.
5. Those who wish to involve their guest bloggers and multi-author blog writers in the SEO optimization process.
6. Entrepreneurs who do not wish to learn all the aspects of SEO seeking an all-in-one solution.

what we like

What We Like

Scribe SEO’s

  • Simple, but effective keyword research tool
  • Unique content optimizer that focuses on high quality article content
  • Suggestion of alternate keywords
  • Suggestion of tags for each post
  • Backlink Building tools for internal, external and Social Media links
  • Search Engine Listing preview of unpublished blog posts
  • Ability to export HTML to paste into Word, Blogger, Dreamweaver, Article Directories, etc
  • Ability to perform it’s work on the admin-side, lightening the load for WordPress
  • SEO Best Practices content that is equal in value to what people usually pay for eBooks

What we dont like

What We Don’t Like

Scribe SEO..

  • Doesn’t evaluate image ALT tags and Header Tags (H1-H3)
  • Doesn’t automate SEO tasks such as keyword decoration

The Bottom Line

Scribe SEO is a powerful web copy SEO plugin that acts as a keyword research and SEO editing service inside WordPress. It is not an automated SEO task solution in the same manner that SEOPressor and Easy WP SEO are, however it overcomes that shortcoming by combining keyword research, SEO evaluation, and backlink building into one tool where many would normally pay for three separate services.

Since it is actually a service, there is a monthly fee. If your focus is heavy on keyword research, very high-quality article/post content that ranks well, or multi-author blogs then Scribe SEO is definitely your choice…if not then refer back to SEOPressor or Easy WP SEO.

WordPress SEO by Yoast download

Scribe SEO Pricing Options:

  • $17 per month – 35 keyword searches – Unlimited Domains – 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $27 per month – 70 keyword searches – Unlimited Domains – 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $47 per month – 280 keyword searches – Unlimited Domains – 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $97 per month – 700 keyword searches – Unlimited Domains – 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

» See Scribe SEO In Action! (Scribe Video Demo)
» Buy Scribe SEO
(Pricing & Plans)

Push Button SEO Review a new exciting SEO plugin by Brian Johnson that focuses on the premise of “Content is still King” allowing websites to rank high and attract heavy web traffic according to today’s SEO standards. The plugin is Google Panda update and Google Penguin update friendly since it prevents you from being hit with the over optimization penalty that has wreaked havoc on the ranking of millions of websites in the Google search index.

Here’s how Push Button SEO achieves this.

featuresWhat it Does

  • Creates highly optimized search content from dozens of sources and rates it accordingly via a progress meter.
  • Tells you how to quickly optimize your current content
  • Tracks your search engine keywords
  • Interlinks your website/blog content
  • Searches and adds relevant YouTube content at the push of a button
  • Generates related keywords with a unique “LSI” engine
  • Adds related Flickr images
  • Links to news and authority sites
  • Assigns SEO targets to laser focus your posts for specific keywords
  • Reveals the “secret” keywords that searchers use to find you site

featuresHow it Works

Push Button SEO is easily the most all-in-one SEO plugin solution of the bunch. It’s unique blend of keyword analysis, on-page optimization, interlinking capabilities and content curation make this plugin a serious contender in any SEO plugin comparison.

Push Button SEO Highlights »

At-a-glance SEO analysis:


Progress meter for SEO rating by keyword

Onpage Optimizer :


SEO reports on sitewide ranking factors

Authority Linker


SEO Targeting/Find authority sites to link to (Google loves this)

Content Curation:


Add relevant Video, Images and News content with Push Button ease

“Lots of other plugins offer a plethora of fancy meters, percentage scores and more providing users with what I personally believe is TOO MUCH DATA . Often times this results in users spending far too much time tweaking their content for the search engines, when instead they could be focused on creating great content for their visitors.”

~ Brian G Johnson

Push Button SEO was designed to:

  • Build strong SEO content that ranks high and attracts waves of relevant traffic
  • Help websites compete in the rapidly changing SEO landscape that sways to the tide of Google’s frequent updates.
  • Prevent over optimization while simplifying the onpage optimization process
  • Create a web worthy website that adds value to the internet.

Who Push Button SEO is For

Push Button SEO is perfect for

1. Website owners who have been penalized in the recent Google Panda and Google Penguin updates
2. Serious bloggers who want to build sites with rich content that attracts loyal readers and subscribers.
3. Affiliate marketers who want to laser focus their marketing efforts.
4. Business owners who need to simplify the SEO learning curve and avoid hiring an outside consultant.
5. Those who wish to involve their guest bloggers and multi-author blog writers in the SEO optimization process.
6. Entrepreneurs, who do not wish to learn all the aspects of SEO, seeking an all-in-one solution.

what we like

What We Like

Push Button SEO’s

  • Unique and innovative keyword research tools, LSI suggestions, and authority linking features
  • Content Curation system that no other SEO plugin features
  • Checks and balances system that does not allow any page to reach 100% optimization to avoid penalties
  • Incoming keyword feature that reveals the keywords searches that searchers use to find your websites pages
  • SEO targeting feature to set any one page as a focused landing target to drive traffic to

What we REALLY liked about this plugin

..was that the whole “keyword density” thing overdone and overemphasized by many similar plugins. The developer of Push Button SEO has advocated for many years that success is not found in the perfect keyword density, this video below provides further clarification from Matt Cutt’s (Google Spokesman ).

What we dont like

What We Don’t Like

Push Button SEO..

  • Doesn’t automate SEO tasks such as keyword decoration and ALT tag for images

The Bottom Line

Push Button SEO is an essential SEO plugin for the website owner who wants to compete in the modern search engine marketing world. The new updates to Google’s ranking criteria can have a negative impact on how a websites individual pages rank sitewide. Google’s over optimization penalty is real and a very serious matter. The cost of owning a product that prevents this from happening is negligible when compared to the cost of losing good search engine positioning.

If you are developing pages with strong, rich and relevant content where your goal is to keep people on your website for as long as possible to help attract more traffic and increase conversions then this is your preferred plugin. If you are looking for a less expensive plugin that achieves exceptional SEO results without the bells & whistles of content curation (that helps keep people on your site longer) then Easy WP SEO or SEO Scribe is a good second option.

Push Button SEO appears to have all the features that any WordPress site owner would want now and moving forward into the unpredictable future of search engine marketing. It’s like having the Google Keyword Tool, Google Analytics, a YouTube & Flickr curator and superior SEO Plugin all in one product.

WordPress SEO by Yoast download

Push Button SEO Pricing Options:

  • $67 Only (one-time) – Single Site License – 1 Domain – 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $97 Only (one-time) – Multi-Site License – 50 Domains – 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $197 Only (one-time) – Enterprise License – 500 Domains -30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

» See Push Button SEO In Action! (Video Demo, Pricing & Plans)

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