What is a Sales PageWhat is a sales page?

What is a Sales Page and Why They Are So Important

A sales page is a very effective method use to generate a conversion or sale of a product using a single web page. A sales page usually appears in response to a click from a web advertisement or email link. Sales pages are sometimes referred to as landing pages. The only main difference is that a landing page is always the page the visitor lands on in response to clicking an advertisement link, whereas a sales page can be a landing page or may also be a follow-up page that comes after reading and clicking through a landing page.

“Sales Pages account for 98% of the Sales and Lead Generation for the top Internet Marketers…”

What is a Good Sales Page?

A Good Sales Page Must Have:

  • Eye-catching Headline(s)
  • Well-Written Sales Copy
  • High-Quality Product Photos and Graphics
  • Video Content (if available)
  • Clear, Effective Call-To-Action



Sales Page Best Practices

Sales Page Strategy

Sales Page StrategyA potential customer will reach a sales page by clicking an advertisement somewhere on the web or through an email link when referring to a specific product or service. So it only makes sense that they should consequently land on a page that features the product they are interested in and that product alone. Too many companies send their advertising traffic to their website homepage and this decreases the odds of a successful conversion (opt-in lead capture or sale) because there are too many distracting elements on a website homepage. Sales page formula works on the formula K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). It’s content is targeted to the visitor in a way that is simple in nature which offers the best environment to successfully generate a sale or capture a lead.

Successful sales pages can generate from hundreds to many thousands of dollars in sales daily.

Sales Page Design

Building Effective Sales Pages

Sales Page DesignBuilding sales pages is hard, mentally tiring work and can be quite expensive to hire a sales page designer. Did you know there are some people who have paid up to $25,000 for an effective sales page with the average cost for sales page design being $5000? This outlines their importance and value, but unfortunately is costly to produce before ROI can be realized

Recently, there has been software developed to effectively build armies of high-converting targeted sales pages. With this software someone can build ten (10) times as many sales pages in the same amount of time it would take to have just one created by a sales page designer at a fraction of the cost.

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