What is a landing page?What is a Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page And Why You Need One

A landing page is the most effective method to market and sell a single product using a single web page that will display targeted sales copy content to it’s visitors. A good landing page usually consists of a combination of several key sales components to achieve it’s desired goal of either capturing a lead or converting a web visitor into a paying customer.

“Landing Pages account for 98% of the Sales and Lead Generation for the top Internet Marketers…”

Good Landing Page Elements

What A Good Landing Page Must Contain

  • An eye-grabbing headline(s)
  • Well-written sales text
  • Product images
  • Video content
  • An effective call to action



Landing Page Best Practices

Landing Page Strategy

landing page best practicesLanding pages appear from a response to clicking on an advertisement somewhere on the web and are greatly enhanced by links from social media sites, email and search engine marketing campaigns. They display information pertaining to a product that is relevant and targeted to the visitor’s wants or needs and if successful result in a conversion that can be a lead capture via email, telephone or a sale.

Far too many companies send their advertising traffic to their website home page which lowers the likelihood of generating sales since homepages can offer too many options and too much information. Landing page formula works based on pure simplicity and return on investment is very quick, often instantaneous. Contrary to popular belief you do not need to memorize any complex formula or strategy if you have the right software. More on this below.

Successful landing pages (or a series of them) can generate anywhere from hundreds of dollars in a day to several thousands in sales.

Landing Page Design

Creating Effective Landing Pages

Landing Page DesignBuilding landing pages is long tedious work and rather expensive to hire someone to build for you. Did you know there are some people who have paid up to $25,000 for an effective landing page with the average cost for landing page design being $5000? That is a testament to how important they are, but in the end not very cost effective at all.

Recently, there has been software developed to effectively build armies of high-converting targeted landing pages. Through usage of this software you are now able to build 10 times or more as many landing pages in the same amount of time it took to have one developed at a fraction of the cost.

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