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WordPress SEO is not entirely handled by the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress alone. In fact, the true foundation and ultimate potential of your blog’s ability to rank high in the search engines is determined by your WordPress theme. Some WordPress themes are poorly designed from an SEO standpoint (especially the free ones), and then there are premium themes that seem to almost have a magical effect on your blogs search engine positioning.

Here we compare the Best WordPress SEO Themes available to you as a WordPress blogger to help you achieve the first page rankings that your content deserves. You decide which is best for you and your unique blogging needs.



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The Best SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

(Thesis vs Socrates vs Headway vs Elegant Themes)

Thesis Theme
Socrates Theme
Headway Themes
Elegant Themes
SEO Result 5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars
Functionality5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars
Design Appeal5 stars 4 stars 4 stars5 stars
Monetization Features 4 stars5 stars 4 stars5 stars
Speed of Implementation5 stars5 stars 4 stars 4 stars
Time to Learn15 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes 20 minutes
Product Strengths • Highly Customizable
• Feature-Rich
• Airtight-SEO
• Skinnable Framework
• Highly Monetized
• Advanced SEO
• Social Integration
• Flexible Designs
• Killer Visual Editor
• Quick Start Wizard
• Drag N Drop Features
• SEO Preview Feature
• Gorgeous Themes
• Efficient ePanel
• Strong SEO Functions
• Ad/Monetization Mgmt
Price (entry-level license)$87$28$87$39
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“Airtight SEO WordPress Theme”

The Thesis Theme framework developed by Chris Pearson of DIY Themes is a premium template system designed to serve as an airtight SEO, ultra-flexible, and lightweight loading foundation for your WordPress blog or website. The theme controls enable you to fine-tune and tweak any conceivable aspect of your blog template and will even generate a layout for you that loads extremely fast with optimum SEO in mind. Thesis has quickly become one of the most popular and best WordPress SEO themes available. Proof of this is that even Google spokesman Matt Cutts uses the theme for his blog.

Product Highlights

Modern, Simple Theme Design and Maximum Theme Layout Flexibility – Thesis is powerful! It allows you to control every aspect of your site without having any prior coding knowledge. With the Thesis site options you can configure site in any way imaginable and it’s powerful hooks and custom loop API you can even further customize your theme. The interface is easy to use and simple to understand.

Thesis Theme Design


Thesis also has very strong font control options that can control every aspect of your website’s fonts and even use Google web-fonts which are stored on Google servers so any device with internet access and rich-HTML capability can use these new web fonts.

Super SEO Friendly – Thesis is SEO Ready out of the box and is customizable in every category of onpage optimization. Customize your blog and post titles, meta tags, category, tag pages and more. No need to download any additional SEO plugins.



Product Strengths

  • Easily go from a 1, 2 or 3 column layout in a few clicks
  • A great deal of control over the themes appearance, fonts and multimedia content
  • One of the most SEO-Friendly themes available
  • No need to install All-in-One SEO plugin
  • Stellar Support

Product Weaknesses

  • Out of the box, don’t expect to have a “beautiful blog”
  • If you need a custom stylesheet you must FTP it to the server
  • No widgetized footer
  • Thesis hooks have a high learning curve for non-programmers
  • Thesis is not suitable for some photo blog layouts

Who is Thesis For?

Thesis is highly recommended for serious bloggers and content publishers who don’t need beautiful aesthetics out of the box when they first set up their blog.  Understand that Thesis is only the “framework”, you must add “skins” to Thesis to upgrade it’s look once it’s installed. We would also recommend Thesis for anyone who is looking to create a very simple, clean website that ranks well in the search engines since it is one of the most SEO friendly themes available.

Thesis Theme Pricing Options:

  • $87 Only (one-time) – Single Site License – 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $87 Only (one-time) – Basic Plus License – 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $164 Only (one-time) – Professional License – Unlimited Domains – 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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“An Internet Marketers Dream come True”

The Socrates Theme is the best WordPress SEO theme with monetization in mind. It was developed by a team of marketers for marketers that is search engine optimized, has 1000′s of unique design templates, and is AdSense and Clickbank monetized to generate income upon configuration. It generates a Social Media Slider, has an affiliate program insertion tool, built-in ad banner integratation, sales and squeeze page templates, an advanced SEO layout and can be monetized with any affiliate program or network. If you are more into marketing and making money for your blog this theme is tailor-made for your purposes.

Product Highlights

Adsense and Clickbank monetized. Created by marketers, Socrates lets you create monetized blogs in minutes for just about any niche. With 220+ niche headers, over 50 different backgrounds and multiple layout designs (left sidebar, right sidebar, split sidebar) you’ll be able to create a fully monetized niche website in no time.


With Socrates you can control the layout functions, Custom Header Design System, Advanced SEO features and Social Networking integration (Facebook URL, RSS Feed, Twitter account, etc) of your entire site. A fully monetized blog can be designed anywhere between 15-30 minutes.



Product Strengths

  • Strong monetization features (Rotating Banner Ads/Integrated Affiliate Programs)
  • Sales page and Squeeze page templates
  • Built with onpage SEO in mind (Advanced SEO features)
  • Strong Social Network Integration
  • Flexible Designs (1000′s of design combination’s)
  • Stellar Support Forum

Product Weaknesses

The Socrates theme, for what it is designed for, is nearly flawless. There really aren’t any glaring weaknesses with the product. It’s easy to use and highly effective. Many new users who have switched themes over to Socrates have reported doubling their Adsense revenue and drastic increases in Clickbank sales. It can even incorporate other popular affiliate programs such as Amazon.

Who is Socrates For?

As previously stated Socrates is for aggressive internet marketers who need search engine optimization in addition to site monetization. If this sounds like it fits within your online marketing strategy then you’ll love Socrates.

Socrates Theme Pricing Options:

  • 7 Day Free Trial – No Credit Card Required
  • $28 Only (one-time) – Single Site License – 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $55 Only (one-time) – Multi-Site License – Unlimited Personal Use – 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $197 Only (one-time) – Developer License – Unlimited Domains (Client + Personal) – 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Headway Theme

“Drag N Drop”

What makes the Headway Theme unique is that it is the only WordPress theme that allows intuitive drag and drop creation of a custom site layout. It runs from a Visual Layout Editor allowing you to rearrange your site without touching a line of code. So not only are you configuring your site visually it also has a built-in SEO control system that manages your site optimization regardless of how you create or arrange it’s elements. The SEO feature also includes a unique tool to visualize what each page on your site will look like as a Google listing. Truly remarkable.

Product Highlights

Drag N Drop with the Quick Start Wizard. Design your blog visually and create any layout imaginable with Headway’s intuitive Visual Layout Editor. Headway gives you more design control and freedom than any other WordPress theme available.


It will even create a color scheme based on your header’s colors.


The built-in SEO controls are extensive. They include both sitewide control options and more detail oriented page/post optimization features. You can even import the SEO data from a previously installed Thesis theme or other source.


Product Strengths

  • Drag N Drop functionality(Headway Visual Editor)
  • Auto-Generates a color scheme based on colors in the header
  • Use “hooks” without writing PHP
  • Works with or without your own HTML, CSS and PHP. Builds site with no code if you want.
  • Will build a normal blog, squeeze page, or any other site format you can imagine
  • Built-In SEO features that function well regardless of layout (SEO Preview Display, Sitewide controls and Post/Page controls)
  • Support Friendly Community

Product Weaknesses

The only item that may barely be considered a weakness of Headway is that you will need to spend time with the Visual Editor to fully tap into it’s power. It’s not that difficult at all, it’s just that it’s so different from anything you’ve ever experienced in a WordPress theme you will want to continue to learn it well so that you can push it further and further. Some may not even consider this a weakness, but we felt we should let you know this in advance. Otherwise Headway is a borderline flawless product that delivers remarkable results in both design and SEO functionality.

Who is Headway For?

Headway is a product for “visual” people. It’s for those who prefer to take a hands-on approach in putting together the components to build their website instead of messing around in code or control panels. With it’s Killer Visual Editor you can literally click on any element of your site (header, post titles, menu items) and change the colors and fonts of each element – then see how it looks in real-time. The ability to also view a Search Engine Preview of your website based on the SEO customizations you have made is unmatched by any other theme. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then Headway is for you.

Headway Theme Pricing Options:

  • $87 Only (one-time) – Base License – 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • $174 Only (one-time) – Developer License – Unlimited Domains – 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Elegant Themes

“Blending SEO With Elegance”

Elegant Themes, a “premium theme club”, are home to some of the most beautiful themes available for WordPress. What makes them so special is that they all have intuitive SEO controls through a unique interface known as the “ePanel” (This blog is built on Elegant Themes). The SEO interface allows you to separately control the SEO elements for the Homepage, Single Posts or the entire blog itself. You can override your blogs settings to enable custom titles, custom descriptions, custom keywords and custom canonical URL’s – features that are otherwise impossible to control through a standard WordPress theme. Elegant Themes are for the blogger who does not want to build their blog’s design from the ground up and wants pre-designed themes that are aesthetically beautiful with options galore.

Product Highlights

Dozens of beautiful, SEO optimized themes. Elegant themes is a membership that grants you access to highly-optimized themes that are visually stunning.


The sheer number of functions available are amazing. You can control every aspect of your site’s navigation, structure, advertisements and SEO settings all within the ePanel interface.


Product Strengths

  • Large selection of highly customizable Gorgeous themes
  • ePanel is one of the best theme control panels available
  • Strong SEO functions and options help boost search engine placement
  • Frequent theme additions and upgrades
  • Advertising/Monetization management
  • Extensive Shortcode features
  • Cross-browser compatibility guaranteed
  • Strong community and support

Product Weaknesses

With so many gorgeous themes to choose from and every option you would want, there really aren’t any glaring weaknesses with an Elegant Themes club membership. One item we will point out is that if you want heavy customization of a theme then you will need to have some working knowledge of code. Otherwise everything else can be customized within the theme options control panel.

Who is Elegant Themes For?

Elegant Themes are best suited for the blogger who needs to create the most beautiful website possible out of the box for their audience. $39 per year gives you access to almost 100 gorgeous SEO optimized themes with more and more stylish themes added monthly. Not only are the themes visually stunning, but they are highly customizable in every aspect.

The ePanel is perhaps our favorite backend control interface and the SEO options really help making sure your beautiful website or blog is seen at the top of the search engines. Although it is not entirely necessarily, we still prefer to use All-in-One SEO pack with Elegant Themes only making sure that any overlapping features are turned off in either the ePanel or in the All-in-One SEO plugin (this will be obvious).

Elegant Themes Pricing Options:

  • $39 per Year – Unlimited Access to All Elegant Themes

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