What is a Squeeze Page?

What is a Squeeze Page?

Explaining What is a Squeeze Page And You Need One

A squeeze page is a more focused and powerful form of the traditional landing page format used to market and sell a single product using a single web page.

Squeeze pages are also referred to as:

  • Opt-in page
  • Lead Capture Page
  • Sign-up Page
  • Subscription Page

Why use a Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages can result in a direct sale, but are often used to build a list for an online business. The concept behind the name is that it offers something so enticing for FREE, that visitors find the offer irresistible and sign up. Their name and email addresses are “squeezed” out of them. Squeeze pages are sometimes called power pages because they can ignite typical sales page conversion rates from a burning flame to a furnace on full blast.

It has become increasingly crucial in the vastness of the web to start and create relationships with your website visitors and the best way to do this is through opt-in lead capture. Squeeze pages effectively create and build relationships through lead capture, autoresponders and email.

“Squeeze Pages account for 98% of the Sales and Lead Generation for the top Internet Marketers…”

Why Use A Squeeze Page

Reasons Why We Use Squeeze Pages

  • Normal “Good” conversion rate for sales pages are 1%
  • Normal “Good” conversion rate for a squeeze page is 20%
  • Normal “Good” conversion rate for visitor sales is 5%
  • Normal “Good” conversion rate for list member sales is 25%
  • At these rates every $1000 made on a sales page turns into $5000-$25000 (results will vary)

Good Squeeze Pages

What Good Squeeze Pages Must Contain

  • Attention-grabbing headline(s)
  • Well-written sales content (The Offer + Body Copy)
  • GREAT graphics
  • Sales video
  • SEVERAL Call-To-Action’s
  • The Form for lead capture
  • Thank you page

How Squeeze Pages Work

Squeeze Page Strategy

elements of best squeeze pagesThe best squeeze pages use a combination of bold headlines, bright large icons and graphics, upbeat video presentations, several call-to-action’s spread through the page, and enthusiastic (but truthful) sales text to capture leads and later generate sales. Squeeze page formula works based on pure simplicity and the return on investment is usually very high. There is no need to memorize any complex formula to be successful with squeeze pages provided you have the right software. More on this below.

Successful Squeeze pages (or a series of them) can generate anywhere from hundreds to several thousands of dollars in sales per day.

Squeeze Page Design

How to Make The Best Squeeze Pages

Squeeze Page DesignDesigning squeeze pages by scratch or by hand is very difficult and having them designed is costly. Did you know people have paid up to $25,000 for effective squeeze pages and the average cost is $5000 (do these figures look familiar)? That demonstrates how important they actually are in internet sales, but if you needed a series of squeeze pages designed this is not a very cost effective solution.

Recently, there has been software developed to build armies of high-converting targeted squeeze pages. By using this software an internet marketer can build 10 times or more as many squeeze pages in the same amount of time it took to build just one and at a fraction of the cost. This software usually comes in the form of a WordPress Theme that is designed to build visually appealing, high converting squeeze pages using video content, sales text and an opt-in form.

See a side-by-side comparison of the Best » Video Squeeze Page Themes

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