10 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

There are over 150 million blogs floating around on the web. If you are a blogger and want people to find YOUR blog content you are going to need comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) which is the science of structuring your content so that search engines deem it highly relevant to the specific search engine queries related to it.

It’s been proven that no matter how much content you fill your blog with, if your WordPress SEO is not exceptional then you simply won’t have many visitors. Performing SEO on WordPress blogs is much different than doing SEO on websites, but fortunately for us bloggers the WordPress plugin community widely supports SEO and has developed very effective plugins to help us achieve our goals of bringing swarms of readers to our content. Some are free and some have a cost associated with them, but one thing they call have in common is that any blog with these SEO plugins is the mark of a successful blogger.

Here are the 10 Best SEO plugins to help you safely optimize your WordPress blogs so that search engines discover your content, index it well and serve it high atop the first page listings.

All in one SEO Pack

“The Foundation of WordPress SEO”

Perhaps the most popular and widely implemented SEO plugin for WordPress amongst savvy bloggers. This plugin is simple to use and serves as an overall SEO foundation to optimize your titles for search engines, set SEO keywords for you blog, and generate META tags and avoid duplicate content. Just keep in mind you will likely need to use this plugin in combination with a more premium plugin to expect first page SERP results.

Download All in one SEO Pack

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Easy WP SEO Push Button SEO

“New, Penguin-Compliant, and Pretty Badass”

The strikethrough across Easy WP SEO is no mistake, in fact Easy WP SEO was our favorite SEO plugin for quite some time – but there is a newer product on the market that is making waves in the community. The Push Button SEO plugin works using the philosophy “Content is still King” to allow your websites to rank higher and attract more web traffic than you ever have. It was specifically designed to wine and dine Google’s most recent algorithmic updates and promises to keep pace with future updates. With a staggering amount of powerful features the plugin is instantly effective immediately after installation. To learn more about this sophisticated, but easy to use optimization software use the link below to see a full side-by-side comparison

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SEO Friendly Images

“Image (tags) is Everything”

The best SEO plugin for WordPress to optimize your images and make them SEO friendly. Search engines penalize pages for images without the proper ALT and TITLE tags. So this not only helps you rank higher in the search engines, but also helps your blog get found through services such as Google Images.

Download SEO Friendly Images


Google XML Sitemaps

“Your Blog Is Only As Good As It’s RoadMap”

This plugin will generate an XML sitemap that is supported by Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. Your sitemap will make it easier for crawlers to find and index the complete structure of your WordPress blog and retrieve it’s content more efficiently. It also will notify all major search engines every time you publish a new post. An essential SEO Plugin.

Download Google XML Sitemaps


Sitemap Generator

“Sitemaps Are For Humans Too”

There is another type of sitemap called a Human Sitemap for people who visit your blogsite and want to navigate to specific sections that may or may not be accessible from the homepage or inner pages. This plugin supports multi-level categories, pages and permalinks while enabling you to choose what to show and what not to.

Download Sitemap Generator


cbnet Ping Optimizer

“Don’t Be A Ping Spammer”

Did you know your WordPress blog pings unnecessarily every time you edit a post? Think about how many times you’ve clicked “Edit > Publish Post” or “Save and Continue Editing”. Your blog has pinged the ping notification services every time you’ve clicked those buttons. This handy plugin saves your blog from getting tagged as a ping spammer is probably one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress that is widely unknown.

Download cbnet Ping Optimizer


WP No External Links

“Dude..You’re Leaking PageRank”

Mask all external links – make them internal or hide. On your own posts, comments pages, authors page. No more unnecessarily leaking valuable PageRank.

Download WP No External Links


Pingback Optimizer

“You’ve Got Backlinks You Don’t Even Know About”

Many WordPress blogs receive in the Comments section what are called “pingbacks” and “trackbacks”. These are notifications that another blog has linked to you. These backlinks are useless and go unnoticed by search engines unless the search engines are properly notified. Pingback Optimizer is a powerful automated link building plugin that works around the clock to increase the effectiveness of your backlink building by placing your pingbacks and trackbacks in an RSS feed to submit to RSS directories. The RSS directories in turn link to the url’s of your pingback/trackback feed and effectively boosts your search engine rankings. One of the best SEO plugins for automated backlink building available.

Download Pingback Optimizer



“Houston, We Have A Redirect”

This highly effective plugin keeps track of your 404 errors and automatically corrects them, manages your 301 redirects and gives you a full log of everything. In addition whenever you change a post URL it will automatically add a redirection.

Download Redirection


Automatic SEO links

“Because SEO Linking Should Be Automatic”

Interlinking, whether it be from and to your own webpages or external sites, is one of the best SEO practices to follow. This is the best SEO plugin for WordPress to automatically link any word or phrase to any page on the web. Just select a word or phrase, the URL you want it to link to, the Title, Target, Anchor Text and whether you want it to be No-Follow or not and you’re done.

Note: If you have a plugin such as Push Button SEO installed you do not need this as a separate plugin.

Download Automatic SEO links


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